Trying Out A Himalayan Salt Bed

Trying Out A Himalayan Salt Bed

I am in love with Himalayan salt lamps. I think they look absolutely beautiful and the warm orange glow they give off makes me feel cozy and content. 

Salt lamps have become increasingly popular, and they claim to have a list of health benefits if used regularly. One big one, which I can say does work is air purification. Salt lamps attract and trap indoor air pollutants, allergens, mold, and dust. Mine is constantly attracting dust. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw dust all over my lamp! They are also supposed to boost mood and help you sleep better. 


So what if you could get these great health benefits in a more concentrated dose? Well.... welcome to the world of Himalayan salt spas. Yes! Sign me up! These spas usually have salt beds, salt caves and salt rooms for massage therapy. I have wanted to visit one of these spas for a while, and with a friend coming to visit for the weekend and a great price on Groupon I decided to try it finally!

We got to the spa, and for me first impressions are everything, and this spa was beautiful. Tons of salt lamps were lit in the lobby and crystals adorned most of the shelves. The spa, in general, had a beach theme which was very appropriate. This spa had my name written all over it. 

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Our Groupon was for the salt bed. The staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. They asked if we have ever been there and explained everything in detail. This spa only had one bed, so we took turns, but it worked out fine. They have a beautiful waiting room with an infrared foot bed and some great holistic, vegan and raw books. 

My experience in the bed exceeded my expectations. You lay on a sheet and can feel the salt beneath you. Chromo therapy lights line the bed which is a nice added touch. They give you headphones and play soothing music while you lay there. You can go in the bed fully clothed or can go in in your under garments. 

Once you get in the bed and settled, they turn on the air. The air is supposed to circulate the salt around your body so you can reap the benefits. It seems that the salt beds have different health benefits than salt lamps. The beds are supposed to help with respiratory and skin issues. 


Salt Bed.jpg

For the first few minutes, I tried to relax as much as possible. I kept my eyes open. Being in a new environment, I was looking around wanting to experience it with all of my senses. I quickly began to realize my eyes were burning and I got a little nervous. It took me a minute to realize the salt was making my eyes burn. 

I was incredibly happy to have proof that the salt, in fact, was floating around my body!! I closed my eyes and relaxed. Being in the closed bed allowed me to have one of the best meditations of my life. In fact, it allowed me to have an incredible out of body experience. It sounds trippy, but I was given answers to questions I have had and reassurance that I am in fact on the right path. I was given the inspiration to keep going and the knowing that all is well and will be okay. 

Honestly,  my salt bed experience was the best experience I have had in a long time and something I really needed. Would I go back? I am already planning on it! I am trying to figure out how to make it a monthly thing. Did I receive any physical health benefits? I'm not totally sure, but I walked out with so much more than I hoped for and for me, that was worth it! 

If you have any interest in salt beds or caves, find a spa near you! If you live in CT defiantly check out Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa

Have you ever tried this type of spa? What was your experience? Let me know below or connect with me on Facebook!! Much love! Have a great week guys.


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