Help! I Hate Meal Prepping!

I am not good about meal prepping. When I do it, my week is a breeze. When I don't, I'm stressed out and reaching for processed junk food. How many of you can relate?

This weekend I decided to meal prep for most of the week. I have not been to yoga in a while. I've been getting out of work and cooking every night. Between the cooking and cleaning, my night is over and I have to go to bed. I knew I needed to get out of this rut. 

Sunday morning I got up extra early, ran to the store to pick up a few extra things, came home and made food for the week. Needless to say, it was hell. It took 4 hours, and by the end, I was exhausted! My boyfriend was a huge help, but even with two people, it was more of a production that I thought it was going to be. I started to recall why I don't meal prep on a regular basis.

After it was over, I looked in my refrigerator and was very happy to see tons of food all ready to be eaten without the dishes or the headache. Was it worth it? Yes. But getting to the result felt like a nightmare haha!

I would genuinly like to know if any of you meal prep, how long does it take and do you meal prep on the same day every week? I need help here! I would like to do this every week, but I just can't stand the thought of it. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them :) Talk to you guys soon!

P.S. - I did make an amazing vegan queso as part of my meal prep. I will share the recipe with you next week!