A Secret About My Lady Parts

Oh, the life of a blogger. We’re always wondering what we should write about next. Little did I know I would be writing about my most intimate body parts!! But this is information I cannot keep to myself! 

For as long as I can remember, I have always cleaned my lady bits with soap. I think we are all programmed to use soap all over our bodies when we take a shower. My ob-gyn would often tell me I don’t need to, but I’ll be damned if you’re going to catch me smelling like anything other than a bed of roses! Especially down there! As years have passed, I switched to more natural soaps with fewer chemicals and no dyes, but I have noticed that the rose beds have left the building and I wasn’t as fresh as I would like to be even though I make sure to wash down there every day! I kept asking myself, “What gives?”, "This can’t possibly be happening to me!" I go to my ob-gyn yearly and knew it wasn’t an infection. 

I was ready to give up when a friend told me to stop using soap up there. WHAAAAAAT????? No way! I wouldn’t even entertain the idea. She told me the soap is probably messing with my natural pH balance and I should just wash with water. I went home and researched this crazy idea. She was right . . .  But I was still not taking the risk! 

A few days later I was in the shower looking down at the washcloth in my one hand and the soap in my other. Should I do it? Should I try to wash with just water this time? My mind was telling me I was crazy, but my I tried it anyway. And the verdict? I can’t smell a thing. Any unpleasant odor is completely gone! How is this even possible? Because our vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens. Soaps, gels, body washes and douches mess with the pH levels and cause bacteria to grow. Our lady parts are naturally acidic and kill off any bad bacteria that may be lurking around. When you use soap, you are messing with that acidity. In other words, let your body do its thing. It doesn’t need anything other than water! If you still have an odor and after you’ve stopped using soap, it’s best to go to your doctor because you could have an infection. 

Need more proof? Research it yourself :) Or check out the links below. Talk to you beautiful ladies soon!