How To Achieve Your Goals


We all have goals and dreams in life. Could your expectations be holding you back? That is what has been happening to me.

I have been struggling with two things lately. Money and diet/weight loss. I always fantasize about the end result whether it be how much money I want to save or what size jeans I want to wear. I fact, I envision these results very clearly and even obsess over them.

Let me ask you a question. Have things ever really turned out the way you've wanted them to? Yeah, me either. I can dream and plan and work hard all I want, but the universe always has its own plan for me. 

This is why I have decided to stop focusing on the results I want and instead make small, daily changes towards the goal I am looking to achieve.

Persistence is more important than speed. We are human, and we all want instant gratification. But the truth is, life is a journey, and the journey is even more important than the outcome.  The journey is what grows us, molds us and make us better people. It teaches us the lessons we need to learn. 

We want life to be easy, but it's not. There is always going to be pain and suffering, and when we can look that pain straight in the face and keep moving forward, that is when the miracle happens. 

When you have a goal, and you only focus on the outcome, you are missing the whole point. We all think that when we have the dream job, the perfect man, lose all of the weight, have x amount of money in the bank . . . Then we will be happy. And we rush to the result only to find we're still not happy. 

We need to ignore the outcome and enjoy the journey. Make the small changes that are needed every day and don't worry about the results. The results will come. Be patient with yourself. Be present in your life. Stop rushing to the next thing. 

When it comes to weight loss and money, I have decided to stop expecting anything. I am going to make daily changes without expecting a specific outcome, and I guarantee life will play out as it should. And I will be happier in the process. Try it with me. What goal are you pushing for? What dream are you longing for and feeling like you are becoming impatient? 

Be persistent every day, and your dreams will eventually become a reality. Until next time. Keep dreaming dreamers <3


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