Myth: Vegan Diets Automatically Make You Healthy


Seven years ago I decided to adopt a vegan diet. My reasons had nothing to do with my health. I made the decision because I wanted to help end animal cruelty and make a positive impact on our environment. Today, those reasons are still valid but now, more than ever, I am looking to transform my health. People think eating a plant-based diet means you are automatically healthy. WRONG! There are so many mock meats, and so much processed vegan junk on the market that you can be just as unhealthy as someone who eats red meat and Doritos all day. In fact, for the first few years after going vegan, I was that person. 

Today, I like to believe that my green smoothies and veggie stir-fries make up for the fact that I still eat a substantial amount of processed food and tons of sugar. Thankfully, I can admit my downfalls. If weren’t aware, vegans can still eat tacos, pizza, ice cream and greasy Thai food. And it’s all delicious! And while it is helping animals and the planet, it is not helping our bodies. Last week I told you guys that I was going to stop making excuses and change my diet to a more high carb, low-fat vegan diet. 

This week I have been reading Dr. McDougall’s Program For Maximum Weight Loss. I absolutely love it and am going to use the guidelines, principles, and recipes to start this new journey. I’m sure it’s going to be a slow process, as with any new change but I am up for the challenge. I have also followed Dr. Neal Barnard for many years who encourages people to adopt a diet similar to Dr. McDougall’s. One major reason I never tried to eat this way is because I am afraid of change and also, being a food addict, I don’t want to give up food I love. I have come to realize that this is a poor excuse and I need to change my outlook. One thing I love about this book is Dr. McDougall actually talks about the excuses we give ourselves for not changing our diets and ways to cope with them.

It’s time for me to practice what I preach and bring a healthier way of eating into my life. I am a holistic health coach for God’s sake! But as you all know, I am also a major stress and binge eater, and I have made food a big deal in my life. I think a lot of us do. We use food when we are angry or sad. Food reminds us of good times, and we all use food to celebrate birthdays, babies, marriages and holidays. Food is the way we socialize with each other. Instead of taking a walk, we go out to eat. Our grandparents feed us until we want to explode. We have family recipes that have been passed down to generation after generation. It’s hard to completely change the way we eat. But when we find ourselves with ailments, fatigue, and depression, we need to take a long hard look at the food on our plates. I am not perfect, but I’m working it.

My main reasons for wanting to clean up my diet are as follows:

- Permanently get off acid reducing meds
- Have more energy and need less sleep
- Lose weight to reduce my risk of disease
- Get rid of knee pain that has been plaguing me for a while

I have written down my goals, and I am going to look at them daily as a reminder of why I am doing this! When you write your goals down, you make them real. I am just finishing up the book, and I should be able to start a new way of eating within the next week. I will keep you guys posted, and I will defiantly post recipes that I am enjoying. Follow me on Instagram if you want in on my journey on a daily basis. Until next time… Be well, friends!


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