Book Review: Eating In The Light Of The Moon


My life has been shifting recently. I have been attending two meditation classes a week for a few months now, and it's changed my life. I've been able to go deeper, and the instructor has graced us with some beautiful tools to help during our personal meditation practices. This series of classes has been exactly what I've needed. 

During one of the classes, I decided to open up about my binge eating issues. I am really glad I did because it inspired another woman to open up about her long-term struggle with eating disorders, and led me to 'Eating In The Light Of The Moon' by Anita Johnston. This book is beautiful, magical and a serious life changer. 

Most people think eating disorders are about food. For some of us, if we could just stop overeating, we would lose weight and be happy. For others, if we could stop obsessing about calories and exercise, we could put weight on and be normal. The thing is, eating disorders are not about food at all. This book helps you to understand where your disordered eating is coming from and how to heal the wounds that are causing it. 

Eating disorders always stem from some emotional trauma in our lives. Our family, friends and the rest of the outside world see us as someone who just needs to grab onto our self-control and will-power. It's so much deeper than that. This book really helped me to see that and realize the pain in myself. I began to realize I do not love myself enough. I am not gentle enough with myself. I am not allowing myself to heal.

What I really loved about this book was the whimsical stories. The author used ancient myths and folktales to help you understand where your disordered eating is coming from. The stories are beautiful and honestly, brought me to a place where I felt like I knew myself better. I felt like a kid, reading fairytales. It was wonderful! 

Anita also adds real women's stories. How they struggled and overcame their eating disorders. This book really opens your eyes to the way you deal with stress and trauma in your life. It allows you to dig deep and see what the real cause of your eating disorder are. It is never related to the actual food on your plate. This book is so beautifully written; I can't even put it into words. If you struggle with any type of emotional eating, please pick up a copy and read this book. It will change you. Have a great week everyone. Talk to you soon!

"Once we are able to stop seeing food as our enemy, we find we can use it to learn more about our emotional state. We begin to see that our favorite binge foods speak to us and for us. When we learn to listen carefully and decipher what our food choices have to say, the information can be quite revealing." - Anita Johnson


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