Waiting For Everything To Be Perfect


Waiting for everything to be perfect is a pipe dream. We all do it. We think that when our circumstances are perfect we will be happy. We wait to live our lives until everything is as we envision it. I struggle with this on a daily basis.

Once all of my bills are paid off then I can be a yoga teacher. Once I lose the weight I will be able to help women feel good about themselves.  Once I make more money I will be happy. And on and on and on. When (fill in the blank) happens, I will then finally be completely happy and devoid of all pain and suffering. Are we serious? 

Living in the moment is one of the hardest things to do. We are either living in the future... waiting for the next big thing to happen. Or living in the past... not being able to let go of a loved one that passed away or not being able to move on from a divorce. We are putting all of our attention so strongly on the past or the future that we miss what is happening right now. We literally wake up one day and realized that we’ve missed our whole lives. Sounds sad doesn’t it?

So how can we resolve this? How can we enjoy each and every moment of our lives? Well, we have to make a really conscious effort. Meditation really helps me to stay clear and in the moment. But outside of the yoga studio, I really just try to enjoy my life, moment by moment. But it’s not easy.

I always think when my life is perfect, I will be happy. When I am living my dreams, I will be happy. But happiness doesn’t come from outside sources. It really in an inside job. And until we can be happy with ourselves, none of it will ever really make us happy. No amount of money or things or sex will make us happy or help us to avoid the struggles of life. Because the reality is, even when you get the dream job or the dream guy or lose the weight, the emptiness will still be there and there will still be crappy days. It takes a lot won’t work to truly be happy inside and live each moment to the absolute fullest. 

In my life currently, I have goals. And I think when I reach those goals I will be happier and only then can I really start working towards my dreams. Then the big stuff is going to happen. In reality, the big stuff is already happening. Whatever is happening at this exact moment is big and if I try to focus on tomorrow, I will miss it. All we have is now. We may not even get the next moment. We need to be grateful and feel blessed for this one. 

Here’s so making a conscious decision to enjoy today! Let’s not wait until things are ‘perfect’ to be happy. Until next time, have a great week guys! Talk to you soon. 


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