Two Weeks On Raw Food

Raw Vegan Week Two.png

I have to be totally honest with you guys. Week two was a partial disaster. I had a lot going on. I also had a few lunches with co-workers and a party on Saturday. 

Let me get real. Raw doesn't work 100% of the time in the real world. At least not for me. If you work full-time, have children, have a busy schedule or just have a life, there are times where you have to make the best of the situation and just eat restaurant salad dressing or veggies with store-bought dill dip. 

Saturday, during the party, I did not eat raw, and then I got home incredibly late. I didn't have the energy to spiralize zucchini and to be honest; I didn't want another smoothie bowl, so I made a veggie burger. Suprise, I'm not perfect haha!

I found this week, that when I was super busy, it was really hard to eat raw. I also just didn't crave it. Maybe it was my body's way of saying I need more protein or fats to deal with my busy schedule. I have no idea. All I am saying is this week was not what I wanted it to be.

I guess I am more disappointed in myself. This challenge was not meant to be perfect, and I knew there would be downfalls, but I guess I wanted to control the situation and make it perfect. I feel like I lost my momentum this week. I didn't feel like prepping. I just wanted convenience. And you know what? We are all going to have days or weeks like that, so I need to be easy on myself and let it go.

I have to tell you, Sunday morning I woke up feeling like complete crap. Saturdays diet put my body over the edge, and I had gas most of the day. My body thrives on raw foods. It feels good, and it's happy. 

This coming week I am getting back to the goal and staying as raw as I can! There are only seven days left of this challenge, but I realize that for myself, I would like to stay 80% raw from here on out. I don't think a totally raw diet is for me unless I move to a warmer climate where I will crave it and foods will be readily available all year round. 

Now never say never. Maybe one day I will change my mind. But for now, mostly raw is where I am going to strive to be. This weekend was a mess, but I have to move on. I think to sustain this lifestyle it takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. Maybe some people can jump right in, but I think for the majority of us, slow and steady wins the race. 

Figuring out how long it takes for certain foods to ripen or how long some veggies will last in the fridge is a complete learning process. We're not going to be perfect 100% of the time. And that's okay. This challenge was meant to change me. And it is doing that and more. 

Hope you all have a great week. Talk to you soon!


Becky Aldivegan, raw veganComment