Learning to Love Myself

I've been really hard on myself lately. It took lunch with a friend this weekend for me to realize I am not treating myself with kindness. She asked me if I would ever say the things I was telling myself to her, or would I treat her with love and kindness?

Of course, I would not say those things to her, and it made me realize we treat others with love and respect but we usually do not hold ourselves to the same standards. It was a huge wake-up call for me. 

I have been beating myself up because I am struggling diet wise. I feel like a failure, and I have a lot of negative self-talk happening inside my head. I want to eat raw, but feel like I don't have time with a full-time job. So I tell myself I will try a high carb low-fat vegan diet but am failing at that. I want to change overnight, and I wanted results yesterday. The reality is, change takes time, and even though I am well aware of that, I still beat myself up. 

Today I was in yoga class. I have not been going to yoga as much as I would like and feel incompetent in that area of my life. We were in a twisting pose, and I was saying to myself, "You're too fat. You keep saying you're going to lose weight and you don't and now you can't twist enough. Of course, that woman behind you can twist all the way... she is tall and skinny."

I was shocked by my thoughts. I was disgusted that I would even think these things. I knew right then I had the power to choose again. So for the rest of the class, I chose to love myself. 

This weekend was a series of events showing me that I am not in touch with myself and I desperately need to change that! I am being incredibly judgemental to myself and filled with negative self-talk. I am way too hard on myself. 

This week I have decided to make a list of self-love affirmations and read them daily. I think this is important for all of us to do. I also need to go back to looking myself in the mirror and telling that girl that I love her. It's time for more love and less judgment. 

Have you ever struggled with negative self-talk? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Facebook to connect with me! Hope you all have a beautiful week filled with lots of self-love. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it.