What's Been Going On With My Diet

Here’s the honest truth: Lately I've been hating myself. I have been abusing my body with quick, convenient, processed foods and tons of sugar. Working full time leaves little to no time to cook a healthy dinner. When you work five days a week and your days off are packed to the brim with chores and obligations, it’s hard to prep lunches to bring to work. Here’s some tough love to myself. . .  That’s a pathetic excuse! I am well aware of this and I am admitting to myself and the rest of the world that I have been lazy. I have used the busy excuse as a reason to grab something quick for lunch and dinner for the past month, if not two months. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat out every night, but it’s happening more than I’d like to admit. 

I have also been a total junk food vegan for well . . . Most of the time I’ve been vegan (which is about four years). Let’s get totally honest here . . . I have been a vegetarian for a while. I’ve been eating dairy here and there. Mostly in the form of the chocolate that I reach for . . . in work . . . all afternoon. I am not proud of myself. I am actually quite annoyed with myself. Annoyed that I have let myself do this. That I have allowed myself to eat things I know are horrible for me and continue to do this day after day. 

I feel like crap most days. I’m tired and sluggish. I don’t have the energy I want. I am fed up, and I really need to start taking responsibility for what I am doing. I know that a clean, plant-based diet will reverse the damage I have done and allow me to feel awesome! How do I know this? Because I have eaten a whole foods, vegan diet many times on my journey. It just never sticks because I stress eat and have a food addiction. But when I eat whole foods I feel my best. I feel alive. 

I have fantasized about adopting a raw food diet, and it is still something I would really love to do, but right now it is a cold winter in Connecticut, and I know I will fall off the wagon if I try it. I have seen many people thrive on a raw food diet and honestly, I believe in it. I have eaten raw for a day or two, and the mental clarity I feel is just phenomenal. I don’t know that I would want to be 100% raw, but I would like to get my diet to 80-90%. That is really my goal. I may get there and hate it, but I’d like to get there. 

I have to start somewhere, though . . . So I am vowing to myself to eat a super clean, whole foods, plant-based diet. Surprisingly this is not about weight loss. It's about me feeling good. I want to get rid of the bloat, gas and overall feeling of crap. My digestive system screams at me every day. It hates me . . . With a passion. 

My food is prepped and ready to go for the upcoming week. Some items on the menu are green smoothies, gluten free wraps with cashew cream cheese, sundried tomatoes and spinach, almond butter and apples and greens with tomatoes and caper vinaigrette. I’ll be posting my food all week on Instagram so follow me over there if you’d like to see what I’m eating! Hope you all have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!!




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