Raw Vegan Update

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I haven’t talked about my raw journey in a while. I went raw for 28 days in September, and after the challenge was over, I kind of stopped mentioning it. What’s up with that?

Well, to be honest, I gave it up to try other things. I started looking into a high carb low-fat vegan diet. I actually loved the raw diet and felt amazing, but once October and then November came around, I really did not want smoothie bowls for breakfast and lunch. It was too cold.

That’s when I decided raw all year round is just not sustainable for me. I was craving cooked food. If you’re wondering how it’s been since I stopped the raw diet, I’ll tell you that I don’t feel as good. I just don’t have the same amount of energy or mental clarity. My heart is still telling me that the raw diet is what I should be doing.

So where do I go from here? Well, with Christmas and New Years right around the corner I am not going to make any major changes in my diet. I know I won’t stick to them and I’ll just feel like crap about that. But I have been seriously thinking about the future and what I want to do about it. I am going to try my hardest to go back to a high raw diet. Meaning I will try to eat about 80-90 raw with some cooked veggies, soups and tempeh thrown in. I’m not going to be strict raw vegan, but I am going to be 100% clean and vegan.

I might even start making my weekly videos again. In all honesty, I just want to feel good. And I want to do what is right for my body. It’s the only one I have. And it deserves to be treated with love and respect.

I will keep you guys posted, and I’ll talk to you soon. I am going to take a little break for the holidays. Next week there won’t be a blog post, but I will be back for the New Year! Happy Holidays guys!! Be well.

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