Finding Forgiveness Through Meditation


I went to a meditation class this past weekend, and it was amazing. We chanted mantras which I had never done before, and I loved it! The topic of the class was forgiveness with a focus on forgiving yourself.

It really got me thinking about how hard I am on myself. I have touched on this topic before, but going to the class made me feel the need to revisit it. We all do it. We judge, talk down to ourselves and just feel like we are never good enough. I feel like this quite often. 

I slip up on my diet and feel like a loser. I take a day to relax and feel lazy. We need to let ourselves off the hook. We need to focus on the present moment and let everything else go. The past is gone, and the future is not here yet. All we have is now. It's a hard thing to do but it is essential.

I find myself forgetting all the time. I think about what I could have done better yesterday, or I stress over all the things I need to get done tomorrow. I am constantly living in the past or the future. Are you? It's so hard to slow our monkey brains down. They are always going.
That is why for me, mediation is so important. After an hour of meditation we usually don't feel a big shift, but after days, weeks or months of a 15 minute per day practice, our lives begin to change. We feel different. Mediation allows us to connect with our true self. It helps us forgive ourselves and others and find peace.

Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to let yourself off the hook. We are not perfect, but we were never intended to be. We are here to live, to learn and to experience life. When you find yourself in a judgemental state of mind, take a deep breath, acknowledge the thought and let it pass. 

I am taking the coming week to be easier on myself. Try it with me. And let me know how it goes. Hope you all have a great week. Namaste.


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