Giving Myself Permission To Be Lazy


Do you allow yourself time to rest and be lazy? Do you do it without feeling guilty afterward? I always feel guilty if I take a day to do nothing. That's because I know I have laundry to do, food to prep, floors to clean and groceries to buy. And every minute of every day is precious time wasted if I'm just lounging around on the couch.

But Sunday I really needed a do nothing day, and I took it. I took it without feeling bad about it. In fact, this blog is being written at 10:00 pm because I just hung around all day watching movies and napping. That's right . . . Napping!

Between working full-time, blogging, getting to yoga and taking care of everything else in my life I don't have much me time. I have noticed for the past few months that I have not been having much fun because I have been dedicating my weekends to my blog. 

I decided that on Saturday I was going to go to NYC to see my favorite band. I spent the day walking around the city, eating delicious food and the night jumping around to my favorite songs. By the end of the day, I was exhausted!

Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat and I was exhausted! I already had the day planned out. I was going to meal prep, work on my blog, get some laundry done and go out looking for mums and pumpkins. Guess what? I got none of that accomplished, and I feel good about it. 

I started to realize I am burnt out. And it has caused me to be unhappy and very stressed. I can't possibly keep up anymore, and something has got to give. I decided the chores can wait. I was actually going to blog about something else but hey . . . This is what's on my mind in the present moment.

So, there you have it. I was lazy, and I liked it!! Who else here feels overwhelmed and just needs a break? Give yourself permission to take one. Take a nap! Just sit on the couch and do nothing. And enjoy every minute of it. 

Until next time . . . Have a great week guys!


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