Overcoming The Fear of Judgement


Hey there! And happy Monday!

Just to fill you in on a little secret… I did not create this blog to act as though I have all of the answers or to come here as a self-proclaimed healer with a wealth of knowledge. I am on my own spiritual journey to heal myself just as I know many of you are. One thing I have been struggling with is how to overcome self-judgement and the worry that others are going to judge me. 

I have been doing yoga for about a year and a half. There have been times that I haven’t done yoga for months due to job changes, high levels of stress and lack of time. About a month ago I was really hating myself because I knew that I had been lazy. I knew that I could have made more time or pushed harder to get to classes. Now I feel out of shape and behind in my fitness goals.

I work 8:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. My yoga studio is right up the street from my job, but the classes that fit into my schedule are more intermediate and the people who go to them are in way better shape than I am. Now if you do yoga you know one thing about it, it’s YOUR YOGA. When you go to class, no one is judging you, and there are modifications for everything. Everyone just does their thing. Some people have injuries they are dealing with, others are out of shape like me, but everyone is on their own journey. My brain knows this but my ego still says, “People are going to judge you," “You’re fat!”, “You can’t keep up, and people are going to laugh." Why do we do this to ourselves? 

It’s usually because at one time someone did call us fat or laugh at us. It is programmed into our being that if we are not “perfect” we are going to be judged. I find this silly, especially in my case, because yoga is supposed to help us be less judgmental and more in tune with our higher power. These things are the exact opposite of the way I’m feeling. I believe the way to get over this fear of judgment is to accept and honor the feeling and then let it go.

I am going to love and accept myself as I am and push through my fears. I am going to signup for the classes that scare me. I will keep you posted! What fears do you need to let go of? What fears are holding you back? 

Can't wait to hear about them. Talk to you all soon!


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