I have a very bad habit. I find things I want to do, that will benefit me greatly professionally, spiritually and emotionally and I don’t do them. I think about them. I talk about them. But I never get around to doing them. One of those things is journaling. I have read so many articles about how all the great entrepreneurs, artists, writers and creative thinkers use journaling as a tool to connect to their true self and find success in their chosen profession.

As a little girl and into my young adulthood I remember journaling a lot. I used those pages as a place to spill my secrets and share my inner most desires. It was a place where I could be my true self with no judgment. And we all need that, don’t we? We all need a safe place where we can unload our deepest and darkest emotional baggage. A place where we can open up and remember who we really are. A place where we can come back to ourselves. 

We had a speaker in my health coaching program, Julia Cameron, who referenced her book, “The Artist’s Way” and talked about what she calls Morning Pages. I have never read her book, but she talks about waking up early every morning and writing three pages in your journal. You write whatever comes to mind. You write about whatever you are thinking and feeling. These pages are for your eyes only. I have wanted to try and experiment with this since I heard about it. This week I am finally going to do it. 

I have always loved to write in a journal. As an adult, I always find myself taking a notepad to the beach or on vacation. It seems that those are the times I am most connected to my inner self without distractions. Those are the times I find myself again. Maybe it is because I am away from the normal, everyday grind and I can really tune into myself. Being a yogi, I know that we as humans do not take enough time to find peace quiet and shut everything out. We don’t take the necessary time we need to connect to our true self. I am hoping this journaling experience will help me get more in tune with who I am and help me work through some blocks. I will give you an update next week.

Let me know. Do you journal? Meditate? What do you find useful to shut the world out and connect to yourself? 


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