One of my favorite foods is pizza. I can’t help it. I love bread and cheese. The problem is that bread and cheese do not like me. I can remember back to my diet days when I would stay away from pizza altogether. That is what I hate about diets. There are so many food restrictions and rules you have to follow. Why not eat as naturally as possible instead of counting calories? Over the years I have taken many of my favorite foods and made them healthy. Whenever I can, I cut out sugar and refined carbs. I can’t say I never have them. If you follow me on Instagram you saw last week was my birthday and I most defiantly had some cake! Maybe a little too much cake . . . oops. I struggle just like everyone else. 

This post is more of a tutorial than a recipe. I am not going to give you measurements since this recipe is completely self-explanatory and customizable to your unique tastes. I had these pizzas for dinner Saturday night, and they were oh so good! What I love about this recipe is I can have two pizzas with no belly bloat or fatigue a few hours later. Here’s how I make my pizzas:


First I use gluten free wraps as my crust. As far as I know, I am not intolerant to gluten, but I feel better when I don’t eat it. I eat rice pasta only these days and try to stay away from gluten when it comes to wraps and breads. I will warn you; gluten free wraps do tend to break when folded, but it makes them perfect for this recipe! You don’t fold pizza!! 

When it comes to the sauce, I hate store bought pizza and pasta sauces. They are loaded with sugar and in my opinion, just don’t taste good on pizza. I started using just a plain tomato sauce, but it was not right and didn’t give it the texture and taste I was looking for. So I added tomato paste and tomato sauce to my pizza and yes, yes, yes! Pizza perfection!

Tomato paste and sauce both have no added sugar which makes me incredibly happy! Quick tip: Put the thinnest layer of paste or it will over power your pizza. The tomato paste goes on first and then the sauce. I usually add Italian seasoning or parsley and garlic powder to the sauce to give it something extra.

Then you add your toppings! I used roasted garlic, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and two different vegan kinds of cheese. I usually go light on the cheese because I don’t need a lot and it is also a processed food. I have seen restaurants make a vegan parmesan using nuts and nutritional yeast . . . Much healthier and it tastes amazing! I have yet to try that but I will some time soon and will let you know how it turns out. 

Bake your pizzas on a greased baking sheet for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees and enjoy! Let me know what you like on your pizza and tag me on Instagram if you try these. I'd love to see how your's turn out!